Certified Goodness

We have consciously built relationships with ISO 9001 certified factories to produce our bags, which means that the quality management system has been measured according to international standards and has the official seal of approval. Our partner factories also have a Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification that verifies the entire process from raw material to finished fabric and ensures that our social, environmental and chemical practices concerning our recycled materials are responsible and ethical.

Fair and Equitable Trade

Our partner factories treat their employees as one big family, with a safe and ethical working environment at all times, as well as fair pay and protected rights. Our founders and development teams regularly visit partner factories and do due diligence to ensure that our products continue to be manufactured in a safe and ethical environment. We also keep checking payroll and time sheets to make sure workers are paid fairly and are not being asked to work overtime throughout the day. We believe that a happy, healthy employees means that we can provide our customers with excellent quality, because we strive to achieve excellence in each level, from the material we use and we get the certification, the measures taken by us to ensure fairness and justice is a top priority, this is what we will always emphasize and keep the proud.